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On May 5, the Israeli army burst into the home of YAS steering committee member and Arabic media spokesperson, Mohammed Alzoghayer, and took him into custody. What had Mohammed done? Nothing. What is he being charged with? Nothing. Mohammed is being held under administrative detention — no charges, no evidence, no release date in sight.

Sign our letter to the United Nations asking them to speak out and demand the release of YAS leader Mohammed Alzoghayer 


Dear United Nations,


On May 5, 2019, the Israeli army burst into the home of Youth Against Settlements steering committee member and Arabic media spokesperson, Mohammed Alzoghayer. Mohammed is being held under under administrative detention with no charges, trial, or release date.


Administrative detention is an Israeli military process where a person is held without public charges, without trial, and without having committed an offense. Administrative detention is carried out on the grounds that the prisoner plans to break the law in the future. Administrative detention has no time limit and no legal proceedings. Mohammed, like others being held under administrative detention, is being charged with classified evidence that neither he nor his lawyer, have access to. Mohammed is facing unknown allegations that he has no way to disprove. He has no idea when, or if, he will be released.


Given the grave injustice Mohammed is being subjected to — no doubt as retribution for his nonviolent work with the grassroots Palestinian group Youth Against Settlements and as a media spokesperson — we ask that you write a letter of support for Mohammed and demand that Israel release him immediately and provide him and his lawyer with whatever charges and evidence are being used against him.




Will you sign?