June 15-30, 2018 newsletter

Hebron June 15-30


After 29 days of Fasting, Muslims all over the world celebrated Eid al Fitar. During Eid, men visit thier female relatives and give them between 20 NIS - 100 NIS as an Eid gift. The next day, families visit each others. The main sweet eaten during Eid is Ma’amol, a traditional homemade semolina cookie stuffed with dates or nuts. Unfortunatly, in Hebron the joys and celebrations of Eid are dampened by checkpoints, harassments and military raids.


Israeli forces assaulted Palestinian farmers selling their crops on the main road of the Beit Ummar village, between Jerusalem and Hebron. The soldiers confiscated cucumbers, almonds, peaches, grapes and other produce, leaving the farm stands empty and the farmers without means to provide for their families. 



Trying to pass the Tel Rumeida checkpoint (built this past year), 75-year-old Abu Hassan Abu Aysheh was forced to strip down to his underwear. He had entered the checkpoint wearing a traditional Palestine dress for men, with buttons down the front, on outfit of dignity. He exited humiliated. Since 2017, three new checkpoints have been built, bringing the total number of checkpoints in Hebron to 22. The Tel Rumeida neighborhood is now entirely enclosed by checkpoints. Such provocative and humiliating treatment in Hebron area has been common since the city was divided in the 1990s.

June 21

Israel established the first ever police station in Hebron to serve the settler population. Right wing Israeli interior minister Gilad Erdan came to inaugurate the opening. The police station will assist the settlers in their land theft of historic Hebron.

JUNE 22 

checkpoint_protest_HFF.jpg  Checkpoint_protest_2_HFF.jpg
Residents of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood protested the implementation of a policy where only Palestinians with specific ID numbers are allowed to pass through the checkpoint to visit their loved ones. Protesters, including children, stayed into the night demanding to be let through. 


The Israeli army arrested two palestinian kids from their home near the Kiryat Arba Settlement. A group of israeli soldiers invaded the Da’na family house, located near the fence of the Kiryat Arba settlement in the eastern part of Hebron. The soldiers detained two children in the area military base.


Settler_bus_stop_HFF.jpgIsraeli settlers built an illegal bus stop in Hebron on land belonging to the Abu Aysheh family. The bus stop was installed in front of an old Palestinian factory that activists had been trying to turn into a cinema for the local community. The factory was shuttered because of the closure policies in Hebron's H2 area (under Israeli military control). Settlers claim that the bus stop was installed in the memory of a son who, as a soldier, was shot and killed by "friendly fire" by his Israeli colleagues during military training on how to shoot Palestinians.


Settlers physically assaulted Palestinian mother and daughter Sundus Hisham Azzeh and Um Yousef Azzeh. The attack took place in front of soldiers, who did nothing to protect the women.

Humans of Hebron
Last week we launched our new project, Humans of Hebron,   Check out the stories of Jamal, Zaina and Qamar, Bayan and others in Hebron.
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