July 1-15, 2018 newsletter

Hebron July 16-31

This is our 4th newsletter to keep you informed about what is happening in Hebron, the most heavily occupied city in Palestine. 

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Israeli settlers attacked a Breaking the silence tour guide guide who was showing the old city of Hebron to a group of young Jewish American's who had walked off a Birthright tour in protest of the tour hiding the occupation from them. The settlers threw yellow paint on Merphie, the tour guide. Three groups of young Jewish Americans have now walked off Birthright tours this summer. U.S. group If Not Now is running a campaign to demand Birthright not mislead and lie to American Jew. 


Down_syndrom_arrested.jpg Down_syndrom_arrested._2.jpg

28-year-old Mahmoud Zayed with special needs (down syndrom) was brutally arrested by the Israeli army in the Bab-al-Zawiah area in Hebron right near the checkpoint to enter Shuhada Street. During his arrest, the soldiers broke his hand. Mahmoud was held for three days before finally being released.

JULY 21-22

Lama_Khater.jpgThe Israeli military closed shops in the H1 section (under Palestinian Authority control) of Hebron in roder to let fanatic Israeli fanatic settlers travel on foot (with military tank and army escort) to a visit a tomb with historic significance. This closure of shops by Israeli military order to accomodate settlers takes place once a year. 

JULY 24 

The Israeli army arrested the Palestine activist, writer and mother, Lama Khater from her house in Hebron. Before she was taken away she was given the chance to hold her son. She tried to alleviate his distress and fear. 


Settler_municipality.jpgThe Israeli Hebron setter municipality began construction on more sidewalks on Shuhada Street in the vicinity where the Palestinian vegetable market used to be. Shuhada Street is now almost entirely closed to Palestinians. Settlers walk freely openly carrying large weapons. The implementation of a new infrastructure project on Shuhada Street violates international law, Israeli law and the Hebron Accords, signed in 1997, which said the Palestinian character of the city must be preserved. Sign our petition to the UN, EU and US State Department asking them to intervene and demand Israel halt this project which will further displace Palestinians and erase the Palestinian character of Hebron.


Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro was detained trying to pass through checkpoint 56 at the entrance to Shuhada Street. The soldiers told him they had a picture of him and an order to detain him. After 2.5 hours he was finally released and allowed to pass. 



Israeli settlers violently assaulted Breaking the Silence co-founder Yehuda Shaul while he was leading a tour of Hebron's occupation. 


Issa appeared in court on this week to face testimony against him by soldiers and settlers for 2012 and 2013 charges related to his nonviolent activism. Issa's prolonged trial will likely result in a lengthy prison sentence. Read the details of Monday's court proceedings here

On July 27 Palestinians observed a total lunar eclipse, or blood moon. It was the longest lunar eclipse was the longest of the 21st century and provided a much welcomed moment of awe and break from all the stress of occupation. 

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