News from Hebron: July 1-15, 2018

JULY 1-3


Elor Azaria, the Israeli solider who in 2016 executed an Palestinian man lying on the ground, came back to Hebron to celebrate the site of his crime. The fanatical right-wing settler community (many of whom are from America) welcomed him back to Hebron as a great hero. 

Azaria was released from prison in May, 2018 after serving only 9 months on a manslaughter conviction. The extra judicial execution that Azaria carried out was condemned by numerous international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International. 



Young illegal settlers tried to create a new walking path on Palestinian land belonging to al-Natsheh family in the Tel Rumieda neighborhood of Hebron, next to Issa Amro's house. It is common for the settlers in Hebron to have their children lead an incitement to violence and participate directly in land theft activities.


After two weeks of Palestinian families peacefully protesting at the checkpoints in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron, the Israeli army stopped assigning numbers to residents of the neighborhood, only allowing through those with numbers. The system, which had begun in 2015, had prevented families in Tel Rumeida from being able to receive visitors from outside the area. While the community is celebrating what they were able to achieve through nonviolent actions, the area still remains tense and under severe restriction.

JULY 7-8

Tawjihi end of school year exams results - the most important day of the year for Palestinian families - were celebrated in Hebron with parades in the streets, parties, dancing and fireworks. 

JULY 9-10

Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian ambulance on Shuhada street. They prevented the ambulance driver from bringing an elderly patient to her house. This was a break from the policy that has been in place since 2015 where Palestinian ambulances, if they coordinate in advance with the Israeli army, are able to enter the restricted H2 area of Hebron. In 1997, in order to accomodate illegal settlers, Hebron was divided between between H1 (under Palestinian Authority control) and H2 (under Israeli military control). Around 30,000 Palestinian live in the the H2 section of Hebron.

JULY 11   

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Israeli forces invaded a primary school in the southern Hebron hills. They confiscated school's buildings. The school had been built to strengthen the sumud (steadfastness) of the residents of Khallet al-Thabaa village. The village is located east of Yatta City in Area C (under Israeli military control) and consists of just over 100 residents. 

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