Issa Amro's trial continues July 2018

Next week, on July 30, Issa Amro's military court trial continues.

This court hearing will focus on two dates:

  • A 2012 sit-in of a building owned by Palestinians that settlers were trying to take and occupy. 
  • A 2013 protests during President Obama's visit to Israel. Issa led Palestinians in Hebron on a march through the streets wearing Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. masks and t-shirts reading: "I have a dream." 

Peaceful protest is entirely illegal under Israeli military law. The conviction rate is nearly 100%. 


The West Bank city of Hebron is where the occupation is at its most extreme. Settlers roam the streets freely, openly carrying military-grade weapons. Palestinians, meanwhile, cannot drive on the streets. They face 22 checkpoints and over 100 movement barriers. Issa is on trial for nonviolent resistance. 

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Hebron Freedom Fund supports families and activists in Hebron to remain sumud (steadfast) despite the many difficulties they face.

Issa is only one of many Palestinians that experience Israel’s court of injustice. As Issa pays the price for the Palestine struggle for freedom, let's show him he is not alone.

In solidarity,

Hebron Freedom Fund