Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre

Mosque.jpgOn February 25, 1994, an American-born settler named Baruch Goldstein went into the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron during a Ramadan Friday prayer with automatic gun and murdered 29 and wounded over 100 Palestinians. The settler Baruch Goldstein was eventually overpowered and killed by a palestinian man how later died of his gunshot wounds in the mosque. The Israeli military immediate closed the mosque with wounded and dead inside omitting any kind of medical help for the wounded. This led to an uprising and rioting in Hebron and in the West Bank. Instead of putting actions to protect the Palestinians in the area the Israeli government and military enforced a 30-days curfew and closed the mosque. When the mosque finally reopened 10 months later half of the mosque, the part with Ibrahimis grave, had been made to a synagogue. To enter the mosque the palestinians has to enter through a checkpoint and during jewish holidays the palestinians are prevented from entering the mosque. Furthermore the Israeli forces unjustly punished the Palestinians by blocking entrances to Shuhada Street, a thriving historical commercial street, for the Palestinians and by forcefully closing more than 500 stores. The rest of the stores had to close down because only a few people could enter the area. This effectively created a ghost town in the midst of Hebron city.