Hebron Economy and Life

Before the closing of Shuhada Street 1994 it was the main street for commercial life in the whole south West Bank.


The governorate has a population of over 750,000
The city itself has a population of about 250,000
The youth make up over 60% of the population
It is the largest West Bank city in terms of population and area
It has three Universities which graduate 4,000 students annually

Economic indicators

38 – 40% Contribution to the Palestinian GDP
Most of the economic activities are commercial and industrial
More than 3,200 industrial establishments
98% are considered Micro and Small Businesses
Most are family owned businesses
Unemployment rate in the city is 22%

Hebron’s contribution to Palestinian economy

38 – 40% of Palestine’s GDP
55% of Palestine’s commercial activities
28% of the agricultural and food industries sectors
60% of the natural stone reserves
45% of Palestine’s industrial sector output
75% of the leather and shoes industry sector
22% of industrial establishments
60% of the jewelry and goldsmith manufacturing sector output.