7th Court hearing (30th July 2018)


This court hearing focused on two dates:

  • A 2012 sit-in of a building owned by Palestinians that settlers were trying to take and occupy.
  • A 2013 protests during President Obama's visit to Israel. Issa led Palestinians in Hebron to march through the streets wearing Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. masks and t-shirts reading: "I have a dream."

Upon arrival to the hearing, Issa Amro was prevented from entering for more than thirty minutes because he wore a t-shirt reading: “Palestinians should be free.” Simultaneously, three diplomats and a few other people coming to witness the trial, were prevented from entering due to their names having disappeared from the register list. When finally everyone was allowed to enter and the trial started, Issa were scolded by the judge for being late.

Four out of the five witnesses who were scheduled to testify showed up. All of them had been soldiers during these two occasions, except one who had been with the Israeli border police a the time. The fifth witness, a settler named David Wilder, failed to appear for the court date. This was the third time he failed to show up to give testimony. Issa’s attorney, Gabby Lasky, argued that Wilder’s accusations against Issa should be completely dismissed due to his failure to appear. The judge ruled against making a decision about this.

About the sit-in protest in 2012:

Witness 1: Soldier - accused Issa of disturbing public order, incitement and resisting arrest.
Witness 2: Soldier - said Issa didn’t resist arrest, but that he resisted being evicted from the house.
Witness 3: Border Police - didn't remember the incidents. After Issa’s attorney started posing questions to the witness which he couldn’t answer, the prosecution asked the judge to let the witness read through the testimony he had previously given. The witness was still barely able to answer any questions. He couldn’t even remember if he was inside or outside the building while the incident occured. The Defense asked if he was even present at all during the incident.

Witness about Obama protest in 2013.

Witness 4: Soldier - accused Issa of being the leader of the Obama protest. He accused Issa of being aggressive towards the soldiers, pushing them and going into a closed military zone. The witness admitted that he couldn't remember the incident until he re-read his own testimony that morning. When questioned by the defense he only remembered details about Issa and not any of the other protesters.


NEXT Court Hearing will be on the 7th of November at Ofer military court.