Apartheid Signs

For the last 20 years, and increasing even more over the last two years, Israeli settlers have been illegally installing signs on the streets and walls of Palestinian shops in Hebron. They have changed Arabic street names to Hebrew names, even on streets where Palestinian residents are the majority. The signs mislead Israeli and international visitors as to identity of Hebron, telling it as a story of Jews having been expelled from Hebron and now trying to reclaim it rather than a place where Palestinian families have been suffering under 50 years of brutal occupation of checkpoints, closures, and ongoing violence. The settlers signs designed to erase Palestinian identity in Hebron, easing the way for more and land theft.

Examples of apartheid signs in Hebron






Rabbis for Human Rights and Youth Against Settlements brought the case of the signs to court as the signs are illegal. But the army refused to allow the groups to remove the signs petitioned to have the signs removed. But the army refused to allow them to remove the signs citing “in light of the almost certain likelihood of violence and even life-threatening friction [from the settlers].” 

Israeli courts are notorious for failing to implement justice. So we will be taking additional measures to counter the signs with truth telling. We will be putting up our own truth telling signs on Palestinian properties that border the public streets in Hebron. We will put up educational signs describing how Palestinian shops have been welded shut, turning the once vibrant city into a ghost town. We will include personal stories of Palestinian families who protected their Jewish neighbors during the massacre of 1929 and that many of these families are now suffering the most severely effects of occupation. 


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    Tell the truth in Hebron. No more apartheid signs!